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Who are we?

Intelligent Manufacturing is becoming a major strategic axis for industry.

In these times, the techniques employed in Intelligent Manufacturing are no longer limited to the fields of process in heavy industry, and to military or aerospace equipment, they are spreading progressively to all industrial fields and can be installed on machine tools just as easily as in energy production …


The perimeter of the Intelligent Manufacturing group

 Group Perimeter


Relationships between actors/participants

 Relationships between actors/participants


The aims of the group

The aims of the group are to acquire proficiency in Intelligent Manufacturing and to generate business for its members.

These aims may be described as follows:

  1. Be informed: understand what is involved in Intelligent Manufacturing and the resulting requirements
  2. Benchmarking: compare with others in the field of European competition
  3. Marketing: to be known by other complementary companies and to make oneself known
  4. Develop its activities in synergy:

1. Generate ideas for projects at all levels
2. Determine the feasibility of projects 
3. Encourage collaboration to contribute to the development of its members
4. Raise fundings for projects.

5. Orient university research towards the fields of Intelligent Manufacturing.

6. Develop synergies with other groups and clusters.


The operating rules

    • Recurrence of meetings: a meeting every month (to start with)
    • Group steering committee composed of two founding companies - ARCELOR and CMI  - together with the partners AGORIA and TECHNIFUTUR.  Admission:

        - Candidature to be submitted to the group steering committee by the applicant based on a membership form and acceptance of the governing rules New members can be co-opted by existing members on the basis that a refusal by any one company must be justified Free membership with no fees to pay, always with the reserve that a contribution to running costs may be requested depending upon events and activities It is up to each member to bring to the attention of other members of the group the possible existence of any areas of competition concerning proposed or described projects Resignation
    • Exclusion: non-respect of the ethical and governing rules It is up to members to draw up partnership contracts on each occasion that they consider it to be necessary If so required, the governing rules may be modified by the governing committee with the approval of the majority of the members Freedom of a project or contract initiator to choose their partners

Ethical rules

1. Respect the clients of other members of the group;

2. Act fairly in all mutual relationships

3. Be transparent in communication and relations with other members of the group;

4. Encourage synergy between members of the Group

5. Resolve grievances and disputes with loyalty and in good faith through communication and direct, honest and rational negotiation;

6. Relationships between members must allow for any changes needed to improve the functioning of the Group.



Cluster MITECH

Intelligent Manufacturing is a thematic cluster part of MITECH


Veuillez rendre accessible en écriture le répertoire du cache !


Veuillez rendre accessible en écriture le répertoire du cache !